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colt python serial numbers This Ten Pointer retains its factory. Colt Python 357 with 6" Barrel Shoots Great. Click the Go to Trane Resi. Gucci products are popular with fashion enthusiasts thanks to their impeccable quality, well-known label, iconic status, and classic designs. Even in 2004, according to Joe Canali, head of Colt Custom Shop Sales, a limited number of Pythons&nb. Oct 27, 2020 · Examining Colt Python revolvers, serial numbers 2, 3, and 5. serial is t16 so thinking its 82 or 83. There are currently 6 In Stock from 2224 Dealer Stores. . Colt Serial Number - Manufacture Date. the Colt Python is truly a joy to shoot. 00: Ruger - Vaquero w/5. # start ser. The first was the Colt Boa of 1985, a limited production . 00: 0 Colt Python SA Army Lawman Cobra Trooper Gold Cup Agent. com)- After years of research and development, Colt releases a refined and upgraded Colt Python. Sep 20, 2012 · The Python was introduced in 1955 with serial number 1. The gun has seen little actual use and has hardly been shot. Here is a listing of Python serial numbers and the years of production up to 1985: Year Serial Number 1955 1 1956 300 1957 1650 1958 5550 1959 7050 1960 9100 1961 13100 1962 18800 1963 24800 1964 30800 21 Dec 2015. 25 . Jun 11, 2020 · It is in . any idea of valu. It includes a walnut display case with a leather bound edition of Armsmear. Belt Model Paterson No. The Python's appearance is always striking with its hand polished metal, beautiful bluing and superb design. Click it, and enter your serial numbers. Internet Archive Python library 0. Buford Pusser is famous for his "war" against the Dixie Mafia and the State Line Mob, who had murdered his wife and took part in all manner of illegal activities along the Mississippi-Tennessee state line. L. This Colt Python Ten Pointer is finished in Colt's famous Royal Blue. Original serial number box and. 45 Colt: $580. Python Trooper Trooper Model & . Apr 13, 2020 · The Serial Number is under 4000, and it was delivered to my dealer from the distributor one week ago. Colt Python Diamondback Gold Foil Serial Number Box Labels Label sticker. 1. 2433. 38. 22 Junior Colt . 357 Magnum. 2 & 3. No box or papers. May 25, 2019 · The serial number of a gun carries information about its background. The crane cut is marked “LA6746” and the crane is marked “LA6746”. Joined Feb 17, 2013 Messages 82 Likes 22. Colt Semi -Automatic Pistols top. The serial number is T95NNN. Marketplace Insight. To use these tables , compare your serial number(s) to the correct manufacturer and model, and . Used. 5 Nov 2015. Feb 19, 2008 · The Colt serial number records are only publicly available up to 1985 which started with T34453. 357 Magnum, a 7-½ inch barrel New Service. Since the introduction of the Python in 1955, the purchase price has gone up 14,300%! What makes this trio all the more appealing is that they are (from bottom to top) serial nu. 00: 0 $2,500. Those grips had silver medallions, and we can provide these on request. how to read colt serial numbers for first timers, colt bisley revolver 44 russian, 1st generation colt single action 45 long colt, colt official police. The 2020 Python features modern stainless steel alloys and a re-designed rear sight. 44 magnum revolver. Aug 22, 2018 · Best guesstimates from serial number data on the Python is 600-700,000 units. I have the date of manufacture narrowed down to the 1911-1920 time frame, does anyone have any information that would get it to the year? This special edition revolver is number 21 of only 50 manufactured, and pays homage to the legendary McNairy County Sheriff from Tennessee. 16: I have talked to Colt today. R. The earliest gun models were handmade and many have no letters in the serial number. As this info comes from Colt's site, I believe it is likely accurate. 357 Model. Firearm Serial Number Lookup - Year of Manufacture. 22LR, which were done in a special, separate serial number run, and I cannot remember how it came to reside with me. For sale is a Colt Python in 357 Magnum with 6″ BBL and Colt Royal Blue finish. Jan 01, 2020 · Key point: The Colt Python was retired by Colt in 2005. Caliber: . When you purchase please tell me your Serial Number , barrel length and finish Blue or Nickel and I will send you a pre-Printed label that will match your Specific Python--Colt Wrote the serial number on the bottom of the box with a white or red grease pen not on the label--I have the Grease pencil to do this also But I have to have your serial. 25” and 6” barrel lengths. 4 357 stainless Python and a 6 357 nickel plated. The product is made of plastic and ABS. Python Tee. But the Python was a dramatic change from anything Colt had done before. On the barrel it sa … read more Aug 28, 2020 · However, there were reports of misfires with hard-primer, foreign-made ammo, and apparently Colt had increased mainspring strength by the time our test gun, serial number PY004004, left the factory. 38 Special Only. Case in point, when I mentioned the Python to my buddy—who is a revolver guy —he matter-of-factly said, “Yeah, but the new one is having problems, and Colt recalled them. AYA 1995-2006 Year ser. The serial is 65086 and has a P stamped under the first letter of the serial number. 22 L. This mid 1970's era revolver remains in superb condition. 100% original, including factory swivel stud, all matching numbers. All you need is a dollar bill. $2,272. Colt Model 3A and 4 Serial #1-2400. In the above, Justin Baldini, Colt’s Director of Marketing, delves. 38 Special: $700. I have a gun that I inherited from father 15 years ago and find myself in a situation where I need to raise some money to help my son. 44 Magnum. This variation was used on Colt Python ca. 5 inches in overall. Next, clic Find information about Trane serial numbers at Trane. 357 Remmington Magnum: $980. Some firearm collectors and writers have described the. Mar 29, 2020 · Colt Python owners can identify the general date of their weapon's manufacture by checking for certain characteristics, such as the serial number sequencing and gun finish. Exceptional and handcannons; otherwise. It is a colt python 357 magnum, serial 20199. It is chambered in . 36, 7 1/2" oct bbl. Totals; 1955: 1: 299: 299: 1956: 300: 1649: 1,350: 1957: 1650: 5549: 3,900: 1958: 5550: 7049: 1,500: 1959: 7050: 9099: 2,050: 1960: 9100: 13099: 4,000: 1961: 13100: 18799: 5,700: 1962: 18800: 24799: 6,000: 1963: 24800: 30799: 6,000: 1964: 30800: 41399: 10,600: 1965: 41400: 50499: 9,100: 1966: 50500: 60999: 10,500: 1967: 61000: 73799: 12,800: 1968: 73800: 89999: 15,200: 1969: 90000: 99999: 10,000 Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database. exe?request=record;id=M500780;type=101 16 Jun 2020. The Colt Python is back! Celebrate its release with a new 2020 Python pin! $9. Do you know the history of the gun to know if there have been any modifications? Autry's Collections Online – revolver (pair) Python Model Revolver Pair collections. com The Colt Python is a double action, large I-frame handgun chambered for the . Brown provides a new and improved serial number/date list (though he labels it "approximate"). Buford's battle was later immortalized in several. 357 Magnum caliber cartridges. Serial numbers are the unique string of numbers and/or letters that are stamped on goods of value. Ace . 1957 started at serial number 1650. i have no idea what the finish is (stainless,. Apr 30, 2018 · For sale is a beautiful third year (1957) Colt Python with original box,test target, full checkered grips and site tool. Find. New. COLT PYTHON TARGET. This is one of the guns I sold when prices sky-rocketed during the Obama years. So, it seems that defective revolvers are still finding their way into circulation. This is a beautiful Colt Python in polished nickel, sporting a 6" barrel with full underlug and ventilated rib. All other Pythons were . Norm Flayderman literally. Jun 15, 2018 · "Colt's Python, King of the Seven Serpents", by Gurney Brown, Blue Book Publications, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2018, 304 pages. If multiple models appear for your. There are possibilities of changing a grip in the process of finding the right one. The model is stamped on the left side of the barrel. The legendary. Includes: Colt Python Revolver - Quick charger - BBs. 00: 0 Grips for Colt Python. Serial Number: LA6746. 5. Every car manufactured in the United States and European Union has its own unique serial number, or a vehicle identification number (VIN). 22 Combat Commander Gold Cup N. These were manufactured by Iver Johnson. Some firearm collectors and writers such as Jeff. Accession_number 2010. also appreciate any input on how old this gun is. 38 1950OFFICERS MODEL SPECIAL 1943COMMANDO 1931WOODSMAN . com, but the Python serial numbers stop long before the above. 2020 Colt Python. There's a serial number on the right side of the frame, and a punched 2D code ahead of that. COLT PYTHON STAINLESS 2020 $2,272. It was first introduced in 1955, the same year as Smith & Wesson's M29 . Ruger - Vaquero 45 Long Colt w/4 5/8" Barrel Stainless. The Python is back! Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4. Serial number- T36630. Self-defense, target shooting & concealed carry focused. Colt Python Double Action Revolver serial # K03617, 357 Magnum, 8 ventilated rib barrel with an excellent bore. Colt Python Double Action Revolver serial #E98587, 357 Magnum, 4" ventilated rib barrel with an excellent bore. Very fine condition. # end 199516-03-001-95 16-03-800-95 There are also photographs of old Colt catalogs and price lists (the Python was not the most expensive Colt DA for quite awhile: the SAA was). 357 Magnum revolvers. On various websites, though, I've also read that an "S" stamped below the serial # (the S is not part of the serial #, separate from it) means the finish is stainless. Per Supuca & Nahas 4th Edition Page 135 "the first example of this revolver was presented to a Doug Wesson 1/3/1931, and reported as serial number 632132. 21 Jan 2020. Manufacturer: Colt Model: Python Serial Number: V80245 Caliber Info:. These commemorative or 6 inch python? Lot 712: 1911a1paperwork: september 7th&. The real reason why Colt gave up on such a desirable money maker is unknown, but the high cost of modern labor -- a single Python could. Colt Model 7 and 7A Serial #11075-14000. If more than 9,900 Pythons were produced with the "N" Suffix, 1978 would be the highest production year. All you need is a do. Feb 24, 2020 · Colt last week issued an update to clarify some reported questions with their rebooted Python series of . 357 MAGNUM/38 SPECIAL DOUBLE ACTION 6 ROUNDS 4. 00: Smith & Wesson - 340 Airlite Centennial Scandium Alloy Frame. The gun came with rubber finger-groove grips. 357 Mag/. Years ago number parts were terribly expensive a. Always give the model for a Colt revolver. 38 SPECIAL CTG*”. What is the age of colt automatic calibre 25 serial number 160058? A Colt model 1908 hammerless . My question is how much is this one worth. 25 with that. 38 Special. Colt New Service, New Service Target & Shooting Master Production Information: Year: Serial Number Range: Year: Serial Number Range: 1898: 1-249: 1922 Jan 23, 2015 · A feeding frenzy had begun. Colt Pythons Consecutive Serial Numbers (Super Rare) 4. Jul 28, 2011 · Colt Python serial number ranges from 1955 to 1985: The sudden increase in production in 1964 indicates that the CNC machining process may have been introduced in the mid-60's. Even after Colt began using unique serial numbers in the 1960's, Colt often combined a number of models into one serial number range. com users. There were only 250 produced in 1988 with the serial numbers in the T serial number range. 357 mag Condition: Excellent Barrels: 2 1/2 Finish: Blue So naturally when Colt announced the new Python, Bobby knew he had to have one for a special project — and Colt agreed. Come join the discussion about performance, gunsmithing, troubleshooting, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Jul 17, 2017 · Colt 4th Model 1851 Navy. BREAKDOWN . Olympic Arms Manufacturer's Notes: How to read Colt serial numbers for first timersRate this post Colt serial codes could be hard. Markings: The left side of the barrel is marked “PYTHON TARGET / *. Hi all, inherited this colt python. Used Colt Revolvers For Sale at GunAuction. If you a. 38 Special (. They will think you have psychic powers!Check out my other instructional videos on MetacafeAnd add me on myspace 59,629 26 15 Easy Magic Trick. The 1911 pistol allowed t. The smoothness of the hand-fitted action is still considered the best around. Build or baby colts no. Is one any better than the other. A proper gun grip is the first part on your Colt Python that you will come into contact with while reaching for it in the holster. The box originally housed a blue 4" 357 Colt Python. With a 6-inch barrel, the gun measures 11. My Python has this S clearly stamped below the serial #. Enter the serial number, without spaces or dashes, to search the database. We had one of . Find information about Trane serial numbers at Trane. These numbers were not rare! Up for auction is an lot of Original Colt Python Parts. The first set is the manufacturers code, the second designates the type of firearm, the third set is the firearms chronological number, the fourth set shows the year of mfg. (Tennessee) Colt Python BSTS Employee Owned 4" Mirrored Factory Bright Stainless W/Provenance: $2000: 11/12 05:22: Armslist (Minneapolis / St. When the Colt Python entered production in 1955 it was being built on Colt’s I-frame. What year is a colt huntsman with the serial number 149624C? Colt huntsman serial # 149624-C was produced in 1961. serial number, colt date of manufacture by serial number, colt gun manufacture date by serial number, colt saa date of manufacture by serial number, colt ar serial number date of manufacture, colt python serial number. Colt Model 3 Serial #25001-30000. I am looking to get rid of one of my Colt Pythons and was wondering if someone could place a value on them. They will give you a production date over the phone, but no other info. A while back the Museum displayed a trio of snakes — three very special Colt Pythons. The Python is OK, no doubt. So why not 5 stars? I would like to have seen Chapter One longer and more thorough. Colt COURIER ONLY 3053 MADE SERIAL NUMBER 33938. Ammo. Let's explore the secret behind Colt serial numbers now! Outdoor Fact Outdoorfact. A scarce snake gun. 357 Magnum caliber revolver. Description: Colt Python Double Action Revolver serial # K03617, 357 Magnum, 8" ventilated rib barrel with an excellent bore. 45 ACP) I thought I had posted this, but apparently got distracted before I got it on line, so here goes. In the world. Python (6") The Python is back! Building on Colt’s Snake Gun legacy, the legendary double-action revolver returns in stainless steel in 4. colt courier only 3053 made serial number 33938. An R. Paul) Two New Colt Python W/sequential serial number: $5000: 11/12 05:01: Armslist (Northern Lower Peninsula) Colt Python: $3300: 11/11 18:19: 1911 Addicts: Colt Python 2. It is a 6″ barrel, colt 357 magnum python revolver, in good condition, it evidently was manufactured in Hartford, Conn. com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to. When I mentioned the Colt Python. This one is the easiest way to read colt serial numbers, and all the credits go to the advanced technology. Colt Model 6 and 6A Serial #8001-11074. 1961-1973. Dec 21, 2015 · Of these three, only the Colt Python was a radically new design, even though it could trace its ancestry back to the Army Special, a popular . Not Boa, Diamondback, or Elite: GunBroker is the largest seller of Revolvers Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 881212420 Feb 25, 2003 · All I have are these three Pictures, and the Serial Number. Right after clicking, you will see an option appearing as “Serial Number Lookup”. The new system consists of four sets of digits separated by a hyphen. 99. I looked at proofhouse. 42. 357 Magnums: the original Python, the 2020 Python and Colt’s first . Colt Python & Official Police Walnut Panel Grips. Excellent condition no modifications fired very few times. M. Colt Model 2 Serial #476-25000. A call to Colt wil give you the MFG date. Only problem is, I can't locate a serial number. ? 1998 Colt&nbs. Colt repeated serial numbers with each successive mod. 5” blued ported Withdrawn for. Bob Allen Colt Python pistol handgun revolver soft case carrying case 15x7 L@@K! Jan 02, 2020 · Colt Python Double-Action Revolver 4. 220 17:39, 11 December 2010 (UTC) In Popular Culture The Colt Python is a . Single-action pull was a surprisingly heavy 6. Colt Model 5 Serial #2401-8000. Most were in . By serial number we believe this gun was made in approx 1984. 357 Magnum with 6-inch barrel and polished blue finish. COLT PYTHON GRIPS LATE VARIATION 3rd GENERATION ca 1979-1985 WALNUT TARGETS #105 | eBay The serial numbers for Bobcat equipment is placed in several different locations on different types of machines, according to Bobcat. Factory records indicate the first four Pythons ever. These grips are as close to the originals as can be created today. The Python was at the time probably the King of the Revolvers certainly more expensive than almost any revolver made at the time and was a real symbol of the big. 357 Magnum caliber revolver formerly manufactured by Colt's Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut. 357 MAG 6 Round 4. Up for grabs is a Colt Python revolver in . Colt E & I frame revolvers, Python, Official Police, Trooper, Officers Model Match. Photos and Serial Number Tables. 357 Magnum caliber revolver manufactured by Colt's Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut. The Serial Number Trick: Easy Magic Trick. Dating colt python serial number. Perhaps a reader out there that has first-hand knowledge will let me know and I can post that info here. You've found a gorgeous 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air for sale. com. Excellent condition overall. 38 Special Caliber) Kit . Colt used the old E frame for the Trooper, and gave it adjustable sights as well, chambered for . Deal of the Day – Colt Python . 357 MODEL 1968PYTHON MODEL 1965OFFICERS MODEL 1950SUPER . 22 Jan 2016. Paterson Pocket or Baby Colts No. Colt's new Python revolvers feature stainless-steel frames, barrels and cylinders, which are all polished to a semi-bright finish. 44, with a small run of four-inch-barreled guns produced in . Inc, and with serial number prefix ST. LBS. Dec 25, 2020 #1/4 Beautiful Colt Python 4" Nickel. Jan 21, 2015 · I bought a colt python in 1966 or ealier…as a present for my husband who was a policeman. Wood grips are likewise. I also have a Colt Python 4" Serial Number E2952 in excellent condition, … read more Buy NIB Colt Python Consecutive serial numbers. There’s a serial number on the right side of the frame, and a punched 2D code ahead of that. 1. In 98%+ very crisp bright condition, we have a 1975 production Colt Python . Includes the original box, manual, and paperwork. 6 pounds average, measured from the center of the grooved trigger, but the double-action pull-weight was a more manageable 9. Help with Colt Python Please. The Colt Singl. In fact, you’ll find a lot of people talk about E-and-I-Frame models as a whole unit rather often. Make: Colt Model: Python Serial Number: 53886 Year of Manufacture: 1966 Caliber: . a new serial number system. 22 lr $2,500. serial numbers and price lists. - . 63 LBS. 38 MODEL INCLUDING SUPER MATCH . Although the Python is no longer cataloged, technically Colt's premier . Two variants of the Python were made in small numbers by Colt. Simply go to Colt's homepage and hover your mouse to the Customer Service tab . COLT'S FIREARMS SERIALIZATION. You have to provide your Mac’s serial number when requesting warranty service. The gun is a complete set and appears unfired after leaving the factory. Feb 22, 2021 · Gorgeous Colt Python, 6″ Barrel, 357 Magnum Revolver. 22 LR $2,500. 1 It was first introduced in 1955, the same year as Smith & Wesson's M29 . Colt Python Serial No. How the New Python Compares Ever since 1955, the Python was a deluxe revolver in every way intended to win competitions, take game, and serve for personal defense with no need for further modifications. Excellent. UPC: Description. This item: Colt Python 4 Inch Stainless. Colt Forum Since 2000 A forum community dedicated to Colt firearm owners and enthusiasts. 6,348. 481a–l. I had a 6551 Sporter Target rifle that I bought new in '91, had large pivot hole, large FCG pins, magwell fence, no steel sear block, marked Colt's Mfg Co. The Colt Python is known as the Rolls Royce of Colt's revolvers. 38 Special for war time use, and called it the Commando. The Colt Python was first introduced in 1955 as Colt's top-of-the-line model. Identity and Date of Manufacture of Colt Revolvers. Jan 04, 2018 · The Colt Python was retired by Colt in 2005. Year / Serial Number. 5" Barrels Revolvers Serial Number PY019728 Serial Number PY019729 Condition: New. Condition on this revolver is excellent, retaining 98-99% original Colt blue, with the condition being much closer to 99%. 92. Here's the take from American Rifleman Editor-in-Chief. Colt Python 4" Nickel Thread starter. 38 Special and . The revolv. Your Mac’s serial number is a unique identifier that distinguishes your Mac from all others. There is a hammer, a trigger, rear sight, several levers, several screws, several pins, and several springs, There are 21 parts in all, and I'll even send them to you in the bank envelope marked"Python" where they have been since the late 1970's. GunBroker. 25 Stainless Steel The Colt Trooper is a medium frame, double-action revolver featuring a six-round cylinder, chambered for . Select which model you want. One of the guns in the collection is a . Colt outfitted the revolver with adjustable sights and gave it a more carefully fitted and tuned action. The now discontinued Colt Python targeted the premium revolver market segment. The pre-micrometer adjustable rear sight has the early one retaining screw. Sep 10, 2020 · Each day, on Facebook, the NRA National Firearms Museum showcases something special from the Museum collections. i plugged in my python s/n & apparently that s/n was used on other colt's too. The serial number is 41936. Colt Derringers and Pocket Pistols top · Colt Conversions top · Colt Single Action Revolvers top · Colt Double Action Revolvers top. For odd Colt serial numbers, or numbers made after 1985, the best method of getting a production date is to call Colt. Receiving an official letter from the manufacturer documenting its authentication, this is an exclusive look at the first engraved new-production Python, beautifully done by hand by Dale Bass of Tyler Gun Works. 357 Magnum Revolver with a 4 inch barrel. Oh well. Colt Derringers and Pocket Pistols. Colt Python Serial Numbers Descargar Easy Driver Pack Para Windows 8 64 Bits Kamus Mahmud Yunus Apk Softwere Fingerspot Deskpro Versi : 2. 09. Year of Manufacture: 1980. The Colt Python is intended for the premium revolver market segment. Take Colt revolver serial numbers for example: SA is Single Action, NF is New Frontier,… You could see the same thing on. they will fit any year model python but these are the correct style for pythons with serial numbers thru this range. This revolver was manufactured in 1985 and has a factory nickel finish. ANIB Colt Python - 1973 3/21/18 - This is a magnificent, “as new in the box” example of an early 1970s Colt Python. —Preceding unsigned comment added by 66. 380 1917POCKET POSITIVE MODEL (CONTINUED SERIALS FROM NEW POCKET. And yes, that is the original box for Python #2 (at bottom). As example in the late 1960's Colt started combining all small "D" frame models like the Detective Special, Cobra, Agent, Diamondback, Viper, Police Positive Special, etc in the same serial number ranges. Aug 26, 2016 · Probably Colt used the highest preban serial number SP on the Sporter Match HBAR lowers up to '94 (or even during the ban with higher postban numbers). Click on Serial Number Lookup and then enter the serial number seen on your Colt. Serial number V74690 was made in 1979 and retains over 99% of its original condition with only slight evidence of handling and firing (in photos, the bright spots in the cylinder notches are significantly exaggerated by reflection). 357 and the later Colt Python and Colt King Cobra, it was marketed to law enforcement agencies as well as civilians. Just head over to the “Colt” homepage and click on the “Customer Service”. They have several purposes, one which makes your item identifiable to the manufacturer in case of defects or warranties, while it can also be. It has to enable you a fast and easy draw at all times and conditions. This product is not stainless. Four digit serial number. 21 Dec 2020. 00: Smith & Wesson - 36 Classic 38 Special w/Blue Finish. 38, and . From bottom to top, these three prized wheelguns are: Colt Python serial number 2, number 3, and number 5. 357 magnum revolver! This revolver has a 4 digit serial number that dates back to 1958 – third year production! With that being said, it can be yours for $2100. Time to get our new Python tee this year! This ringer tee is made for. The Python features a very small magazine size of 6 rounds as well as very low reserve ammunition. Feb 12, 2020 · Colt . Another Python, this time a scarce, inscribed, three-inch barrel Combat Python with its original box in l ot 1792, would go even higher and sell for $12,650. 9 Feb 2021. You didn't list your serial number so we can't tell if the Pachmyer grips are original or replacements but that will also affect the value. Not good. , –-(AmmoLand. 45 Junior Colt . The real reason why Colt gave up on such a desirable money maker is unknown, but the high cost of modern labor -- a single Python could involve hours. 1969TROOPER MODEL & . Designed as a less expensive alternative to the upscale Colt . 357 Magnum revolver, made for the Lew Horton Distributing Company in Massachusetts. 325 pounds. 1956 started with serial number 300. As used on the 2 1/2" barreled Python. 4 days ago. Here is some information below on how to find the number and what the pos. First introduced in 1955, it comes in blued, nickel, and stainless versions. 1, which was hand-built by Colt Master Gunsmith Alfred DeJohn, resides in the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Conn. 22 Challenger, Huntsman & Targetsman . Custer Serial Number Range Colt Model 1873 Cavalry Revolver . 357 magnum with a desirable 6-inch barrel. You gave your son the 8" Python Target in nickel????? Possibly a mistake. The earliest gun models were handmade and many have no letter. It is a M1991A1 and I've been trying to find a site I can look up the serial number,. They will NOT give you any other info, for that, you have to buy a Historical Letter for about $75. 25" BARREL 2. I'm sure it's from the 1990s, but would like to know the year if anyone can figure out the numbering scheme. 25 from 1970 Kit . Discussion forums for GunBroker. Colt Diamondback or Python Gold Foil serial number and model number stickers, for box end flap. The Operation and Maintenance manual for each piece of equipment shows where the serial number tag is loca. During WWII, Colt made the Official Police in . What year was the Ithaca shotgun serial number 10464 made? A model 37 with the serial # 10464 was produced in 1939. It still needs a low serial number and great condition (just like a . 00! Colt Python owners can identify the general date of their weapon's manufacture by checking for certain characteristics, such as the serial number sequencing and gun finish. Python Serial Nu. Re: Diamondback serial number help. Colt Model 5A Serial #2401-8000. Jun 7, 2018 - Explore Joe Guadango's board "Colt Revolvers" on Pinterest. 22 Ace Service . 00 11d 21h 38m 17111982 The serial number on the box is K50336. In 1966 Colt introduced the Colt Diamondback revolver. I bought a colt python in 1966 or ealier…as a present for my husband who was a . Colt 1911 Series 80. 25 Stainless Steel I've seen suggestions that the Python was inspired by the King's custom "Super Target" model based on the Colt Officer's Target. I believe the prices on a pre-27 or Model 27 to be reasonable. You may also want to look up your Mac’s serial number if you’re repo. From what I can identify. typically have the serial number stamped on the flat area in front of the trigger guard. theautry. Short video of my Colt Python revolver vintage 1956. The Diamondback was intended to be a premium quality adjustable sighted small framed revolver that would resemble the popular Python. As I said, I have exactly zero experience with the original Python, so this won’t be a comparison between the two – I just don’t have the requisite knowledge. Colt’s first . I still have the Colt and fire it at the range every few months. 357 Colt Magnum Python in mint condition. com Forums. Make: Colt. 357 Magnum, except for a few factory experimentals. Serial numbers are located in various places on guns, depending on the manufacturer and type of weapon. Do a serial number search to look up a product you own by the serial number on it to see if it's eligible for warranty repair or other services. Contact the manufacturer or check receipts and repair records if you have trouble finding the s. . Action Type: Single and Double Action Revolver with Swing-Out Cylinder. Click the Go to Trane Residential link under the Residential heading on the home page. Providing buying, selling, pricing & demographic data Aug 15, 2019 · History Of The Colt Python. 357 Mag. 22 AUTOMATIC 19261908 HAMMERLESS . GunUp. fixed front sight, rear sight adjustable; Safety manual, with hammer uncocked; 6 shots rotary version; Individual serial number; Barrel Length 101mm; 6 bullet Speedloader included. We had a number of readers comment on our Python coverage from the Show, saying that. This gun. 12 Feb 2020. If multiple models appear for your serial number simply match the date with the appropriate model, as certain vintage firearms can share serial numbers between different models. 25 Junior Colt . 38-caliber double action that had been in the line since 1908 and was rechristened the Colt Official Police in 1927. See full list on shootingmystery. Description. A few days after the SHOT Show, a buddy asked what the best thing I saw was. These numbers help locate stolen cars and provide information for potential used car buyers. Comes with box, box has no label, but is period correct. The new Diamondback was built on the Colt 'D' frame as used for the Detective Special, Police Positive Special, etc. 357 was a big success, but then Colt came out with the Python, an even more upgraded revolver. The Anaconda was produced from 1990-1999. SOLD Caliber Info:. Following reports from a few consumers on their Colt Pythons, Colt performed an investigation and discovered issues that needed addressing. org/mwebcgi/mweb. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 1837-1838 1-500. Different weapon. Wilson special order Colt Python in lot 1789, with a high estimate of $4,500, would see a sale price of $11,500. Not all revolvers experienced a surge in market price of course. 11 Jun 2020. 357. This revolver is serial number 634002. Apr 07, 2013 · I would like to no the value of a Colt Python 6" Serial Number 994. The Colt Python was first introduced in 1955; models dated from 1955 through 1963 were handmade and featured either a Royal Blue or Bright Nickel finish. Someone is going to be the last guy to buy one before the tide rolls out. Finished with a tinted clear coat to replicate the original factory finish. Big and heavy, it was popular with hunters. 38 Gold Cup N. Since the frame had no identifying history and often shared serial numbers with a totally different lookup, identifying what Colt model you have can be almost impossible in some revolvers. 357 Magnum has never gone out of production. Dec 31, 2014 · Model 1851 Colt Navy Percussion Revolver, Serial Number 29705, with Case and Accessories. This, of course, comes at a steep cost, with handbags typically costing several thousand dollars e. Number of bids and bid. The 2020 Colt Python is a six-shot, stainless steel, double-action revolver chambered in . Colt only made 251 of these and the collectors are already bidding the price up. This will be a review of the new, 2020 Colt Python on its own merits. Keith bullet at 1. 1 Pc Epson L220 Resetter Software Free Download Ista-p Ista 4 Lolibay Chan 144 Full Canadian Tire Eliminator 011-2002-8 Manual Fiat 415 Manual COLT PYTHON New and Used For Sale - Price: $1,899. Jun 30, 2009 · Colt Models 1 and 1A Serial #1-384. It retains about 99% plus of a royal blue finish with a very light turn ring on the cylinder and a few minor handling marks. 22, . To get a production year, just call Colt during normal business hours, and they will give you a date over the phone. Apr 30, 2013 It is a US Revolver Co 7 shot 22, solid frame revolver. If you want to find out as much information about the car before purchasing it, start with the serial number. Like the “Serial Number Lookup”, you should be able to request the Letter Of Authenticity just by visiting Colt website. That's the Colt Python Target which was the only Python made in . The I-frame was basically the same as the company’s E-frame with one difference: the firing pin was mounted inside the frame. Serial Number End Serial Number Yearly Prod. This is being sold as a set. i dont understand the numbers people ask for these guns but im happy to have it. Choose Your Serial Number Rebate Available Price Match Request Recently Added Firearms View All Firearms. in the 60’s. Production of the Python continued as a production line gun until the late 1990's. Desirable 2 ½” Python with blued finish made in 1980. Matching serial numbers. 357 Magnum) to worth the prices that I see quoted. Fits : Python & Official Police Colt Python & Official Police Walnut Panel Grips. 357 Magnum Pythons. 45 LC Metal Condition: Excellent, like new Wood Condition: Excellent, like new Bore Condition: Clean with bright lands Barrels: Colt Python - 6 inch, Colt SAA - 7 1/2 inch, Dragoon - 7 1/2. Colt says that this Python was made in 1981. 00: Smith & Wesson - 442 w/Blue Finish Airweight. ” We also had a number of readers comment on our . The book offers what is called the most complete Python serial number information, and each gun is shown with its Colt Archives letter that shows when and where that gun was shipped and details. WEST HARTFORD, CONN. Model: Python Target . It is sometimes referred to as a "Combat Magnum". 45 Colt in 1993. 357 Magnum cartridge. The early Pythons first five years or so are considered to be the finest made and are said to have the most hand fitting,finish and care put into their production. Year / Serial Number 1847 1 1848 2000 1849 8000 1850 12000 - 14000. A telling point is, if a Colt Historical Archive search is done on the serial number, these invariably show as having left the factory as. The Colt . The most common location for serial numbers is on t Serial numbers are located in various places on guns, depending on the manufacturer. Pythons didn't start to get letters as part of the serial number until 1969, and the progression didn't get to the PY series until sometime in the mid to later 1990's. Colt also informed me that SS production began in 1985 which is also different than what The Blue Book of Gun Values states. So I need a little more help: -Is it possible this gun does not have one? -If I want to sell it, do I&n. According to the Colt Python Serial Number Table here, production of the Python peaked in 1981 (the. It was first introduced in 1955, the same year as Smith & Wesson's M29. From the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia, Firearms Specialist Logan Metesh examines Colt Python revolvers, serial numbers 2, 3, and 5. 00. 1ST GENERATION COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY - CALIBER. You should note though, that the database isn . This beautiful g for sale by DGSGUNS on GunsAmerica - 913230014 Colt Revolvers For Sale at GunAuction. The Colt Python is a . First, python a Colt revolver can be frustrating because beginning in Colt always started each new model at serial number "1", and progressed upward until the model was made, OR until the mid's when the serial number serial changed to meet Federal law. Colt Python . The 2nd generation target grips were also used on other E/I-frame revolvers. When was six-inch barreled colt factory nickel finish. See more ideas about colt, hand guns, revolver. Needless to say, these grips are extremely limited in their availability. colt 1911 serial number date of manufacture, colt 1911 serial number lookup, colt 80 series serial numbers, colt gold cup national match serial. 25 & Colt Auto Cal. SKU: 49. This beautiful gun has seen very little use and remains in wonderful condition. The design of the Anaconda was based on the look of the Python. Add to Cart See Details. If this is true, it is significant. 5" Barrel Stainless. colt python serial numbers

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